Snowbow after a 3 Day Storm

05 April, 2017

The afternoon of a 3 day storm, it finally moved out and sun began to shine and left us with a beautiful phenomenon. A ‘snowbow’! Or more scientifically know as a ‘sun dog’, ‘mock sun’ or ‘phantom sun’. It is a occurrence not seen often and it usually happens when the sun is close to the horizon. The bright spots occur on both sides of the sun, usually in pairs. Life in Wyoming is an adventure!


Hunting in Wyoming

03 November, 2016

The Absoraka Mountains, Beartooth Mountains, Shoshone National Forest, and Bighorn Basin that surround Cody are prime locations for hunting this fall. This area is renowned for its variety of wildlife, including some of the area’s best big game hunting opportunities. In this picturesque area, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, bison, mule and whitetail deer, mountain goat, antelope, black bear, and even wolves can be scoped and targeted.

The area has an abundance of animals like whitetail and mule deer and pronghorn antelope; in fact, Wyoming has more antelope (specifically, the North American pronghorn) than anywhere on the continent. Mule deer are also the state’s most populous and sought-after deer. These graceful and agile deer can be found in the mountains or creek beds, so hunters have a variety of backdrops from which to choose when hunting mule deer.

However, the state has a limit for hunting animals like bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and bison. Receiving a bighorn sheep tag is comparable to winning the lottery; the odds in a random draw are typically less than 1 percent, and once a hunter receives this license, he or she must wait five years to re-apply. Similarly, drawing for a mountain goat tag requires a lot of luck, and hunting either of these animals requires a person to hike or climb in high elevations and often steep terrain. In order to hunt bison in Wyoming, hunters have to apply for placement on the bison priority list.

Mountain lions are also hunted from September through early spring, and the fall and spring seasons are also open for black bear hunting. For both of these animals, though, only one lion or bear can be “harvested” by a hunter during any calendar year.

Finally, upland and migratory game birds like the various grouse species (sage, ruffed, etc.), turkeys, pheasants, geese, and duck (just to name a few) can be hunted, as well.

Outfitters can provide expert advice for hunting in the area, and there are many outfitters in and around Cody. For a full list of hunting outfitters and guides, check out

For more information about hunting regulations or to apply for a hunting license in Wyoming, go to or call the Cody BLM Field office at (307) 578-5900.

2016 Beartooth Highway Opening

10 May, 2016

The renowned Beartooth Highway (Highway 212), is a 65-mile route over the Beartooth Mountains with the Beartooth Pass at 10,947 feet, The Beartooth Mountains are some of the planet’s oldest rock with some dating at nearly four billion years. The highway, itself, is the highest elevation highway in the Northern Rocky Mountains. The Beartooths are home to over 300 pristine lakes and waterfalls, some 300 feet. The name of the mountain range comes from a rugged granite peak that has the shape of a bear’s tooth. Our drive starts on the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, then up and over the Beartooth Highway.






St. Patrick's Day and Spring Fling in Cody

15 March, 2016

This winter was extremely mild this year and it appears we are going to be having an early spring. Horses are shedding and trees are budding. We hope that we do not have a hard frost, as that could happen, and damage the trees. In the meantime, we enjoyed mild temperature on Saturday for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and Spring Fling. The street by The Irma was closed for games forkids and adults alike. There were about 30 entries including the Bagpipers from Billings, Montana. After the parade, we enjoy dinner at The Irma hotel where the Bagpipers were playing.undefined


Arrival of Spring

09 May, 2015

Spring time in the Rockies comes upon us with gradual awakenings. The first sign is the Yucca plant showing its spikes a brighter green. It is so gradual, that sometimes it sneaks up on you. Then you will notice a sage turning from their dull gray winter color to a bluish gray. I get so excited when I am greeted by the Mountain Blue Birds flying along my fence line as I drive up my road. And my heart wants to sing along with the first song of the Meadowlark, Wyoming’s state bird. Weather patterns in the spring can be very variable. April showers bring May flowers, ours just happen to be snow showers. It is usually a very wet snow that melts into the ground. With warm days following, everything starts to green up. The arrival of May and the opening of Yellowstone National Park gets the locals excited as we rush to see the Park in the spring as it awakens and waits for the tourists from all over the world to enjoy its wonders. Memorial weekend heralds the opening of the Beartooth Highway. We are so lucky, all of this is in our back yard.undefined




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