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Local Wildlife

Mar 082011

I was sitting in our great room enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon by the fire when the neighbors decided to drop by. Antelope are commonly seen in Wyoming. They are migratory and are seen in different areas different times of the year. I have often seen them in my pasture where they will stop and look at me through the window. Unfortuantely, as soon as I move to get the camera, so do they.


Wyoming is the only state with more antelope than people. They are an amazing animal that can reach speeds of 60 mph. The antelope of North American are called Pronghorns, but more commonly referred to as just antelope. During the winter they form mixed sex herds. In spring, males and females will seperate with young males and females forming seperate groups and adult males living solitarily.

Wildlife viewing here in northwestern Wyoming is spectacular, especially when you can look at them out your front window.