Wyoming Real Estate at Work

18 February, 2013

Driving around and showing real estate around Cody, Powell and Clark is always an adventure. Sunday I was driving out the Northfork, west of Cody, on the way to Yellowstone to show a home. I just had to pull over and admire the elk soaking up the sunshine.

While driving around Clark, Wyoming and showing properties, I drove back to the Clarks Fork Canyon where the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River flows into the valley. Off to the right, up the mountain side, we were greeted by some Big Horn Sheep.

A wonderful day’s work selling real estate in Wyoming and coming home to Clark.


A Hard Day's Work

06 January, 2013

In the realm of my everyday work, I see beautiful mountain views that change with the season. Last week, I was out showing properties on the Northfork Highway, which is the highway to Yellowstone. On the way, we passed a herd of elk grazing in a field.

A little further down the road, just past Wapiti, a herd of Big Horn Sheep was crossing the highway. And of course, there is always a buffalo or two. What a day! All in the day of selling real estate in Wyoming!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Veteran's Day in Powell Wyoming

11 November, 2011

This morning at 9:30 a.m., an assembly was held at the Powell High School to honor Veterans. My husband is a veteran and a member of the Powell Honor Guard. This morning when I walked into the school, doors were held open and I was greeted by students. At 9:30, Veterans from the community were individually escorted into the auditorium and seated in the front middle rows. The Powell High School band and choir were on stage. Several speakers spoke. The band played the military branch songs and members of each respective branch stood as their song was played. At that point, the Honor Guard went outside and that portion was shown on a drop down screen. The assembly was ended with the playing of Taps. Afterwards, in the common area, cookies and coffee was served to the Veterans and students came up to thank them for their service to their country. It certainly was a very moving ceremony. Thank you Powell High School.