Touring Yellowstone National Park

Jul 222010

 Touring Yellowstone National Park

One of the great advantages of living here is having Yellowstone Park in our back yard. One evening my husband said to me, ’Let’s pack a lunch and go to Yellowstone tomorrow.’ So we did. We drove up the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, over Dead Indian Pass and along the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River. We went through Cooke City, known for its snowmobiling in the winter, and on to Silver Gate, the northeast gate of Yellowstone. Driving along through Lamar Valley, we saw many herds of buffalo.

We then took the route over Dunraven Pass where we came upon a traffic jam. Along the roadside was a young grizzly sow and her 2 cubs.

We continued on past the Grand Canyon to Norris Junction past some geysers to Old Faithful Inn. From there we continued on to West Thumb and traveled along Yellowstone Lake to Fishing Bridge. Looking out over the lake, we noticed what was the beginning of a forest fire which has burned over 500 acres.

We continued on over Sylvan Pass to the East Gate and Pahaske Tepee, Buffalo Bill’s hunting lodge. We were home in time to have a nice barbecue after a relaxing day in the park.