• 5,640 Sq. Ft. Commercial Building
  • 3,320 SF - Main Level
  • 2,320 SF - Basement
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Upgraded
  • Living Space
  • Main Street & Hwy Frontage

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Located in the middle of Downtown Greybull next to the Greybull Chamber of Commerce is 3320 square feet of residential/commercial space, with additional 2320 square feet in the basement. This building is perfectly located to maximize visibility for any retail or office business. The interior has been recently remodeled. The bathrooms are fresh and modern. The plumbing, electrical and roof have been upgraded.  The building currently is being used as residential living space in the back with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a tiled shower room and commercial in the front. The basement is clean and spacious providing extra storage room. The property has nice off-street parking.  See additional documents for remodel details!


The little town of Greybull, Wyoming was named after a white or gray buffalo (bison) that used to roam the area. Greybull is also recognized by having numerous fossil dig sites from the era of the dinosaurs. Some of these sites contain extensively documented fossil-bearing deposits that date from 550 million years ago (Cambrian Period) to the present.  These include world famous outcrops that contain dinosaur bones and track sites, ancient marine reptiles, and primitive mammal fossils.  These deposits are located on privately held land as well as on public land, both state and federal.


Shell is just one mile from the east entrance to Shell Canyon and the magnificent Big Horn Mountains, about an hour drive from Cody, Wyoming, and about a two-hour drive through the “most beautiful 50 miles in America” to the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park.


Recreational opportunities are endless including hunting, hiking, fishing, ATV’s, horse riding and more!  National Forest and Cloud Peak Wilderness are minutes away!


Improvements to 513 Greybull Ave.


Moved into property in March Installed Kerdi System Tile Shower, plumbing, ceiling exhaust with external venting, shelving and completed with paint and custom cut molding and trim in alley entrance of building.


Repaired roof with elastomeric sealant and black jack roofing compound and replaced some acoustic ceiling tiles in building. Installed Addie Water Softener System on entire water system with custom plumbing. Installed hot and cold outlets in front of building as well as exhaust drain. Installed 2 in floor sump pumps with proper electric and plumbing in opposite corners of basement floor. One alley side and the other street entrance side. All pumps are self running and require no maintenance. Water softener in basement is self draining and has a separate pump that requires no maintenance.


Installed Eccotemp natural gas on demand tankless water heater and all plumbing to all upstairs water outlets as well as double wall stainless steel 4” exhaust vent to roof from basement. Installed 12’ x 4’ x 10’ high custom bathroom in middle of building for public and personal use including: traditional pan style curb-less tile shower with custom water fixtures, plumbing, venting to roof for fan and plumbing exhaust. Custom shelving and custom molding. Recessed lighting and exhaust fan. Red Oak floating countertop with glass vessel bowl sink and faucet. Installed custom electric 6 gallon water heater for that bathroom (sink only) with temperature controls and all plumbing in basement. Custom vinyl flooring and wallpaper. Electric soap dispenser and wall mount paper towel dispenser. Installed custom molding and door casing in bathroom. Shower is supply on demand water. Built 8’x8’ bedroom adjoining shower.

Built custom wall separating front entrance room of building from middle area of building. Installed sheetrock, custom molding, and paint. Applied Custom wall stencils to that room area. Installed electrical outlets in room. Replaced all existing florescent overhead lighting with LED custom recessed lighting and installed some custom switches in from and middle rooms of building. On July 17th a Carrier Commercial Furnace was installed by an HVAC licensed installer including 2 alarm condensate pumps for Furnace Drainage. Entire building is forced Central Air and Natural Gas heating with floor vents. An Ecobee Digital Thermostat was also installed onto system at that time that can be controlled by a mobile app as well as wall unit. 2 UV lights were installed in venting ductwork. One light on each leg of the vent system that feeds the entire building.


Final roof details were finished with light touches of roofing cement on rear alley portion of building as ongoing maintenance.