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Wintertime in Wyoming

Dec 132010

This weekend, my husband and I made our annual trip to the Line Creek Canyon in Clark, Wyoming at the base of the Beartooth Mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. This year we have had more snow that normal, so on our first attempt a week ago, we did not make it very far. The chinook winds had brought in warmer air, so some of the snow had melted. Normally, we criss cross back and forth across the creek, but with more snow this year we only made one crossing.I had another mission this year. I was to bring home the largest tree that I could get onto the 6 wheeler for the Carmelite Monastery. First, we cut our tree down and loaded it on top. Then I spotted the approximately 15 foot tree with pine cones and proceeded to climb up to it. We loaded it onto the 6 wheeler and started down the mountain.


It was another wonderful day in Wyoming!