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Riding the Beartooth Mountains

Aug 242010


The third weekend in August we went up to our favorite spot in the Beartooth Mountains with friends. We camp near the old sheep pens across from Little Bear Lake overlooking Chain Lakes. We are at about 9400 feet elevation.

The first day we took a short ride over to Rainbow Lake, crossing a couple creeks. The second day we rode to Top and Dollar Lakes and up the Stockade drainage to Stockade Lake where we had lunch by the lake.

We tightened cinches, mounted up and rode along the creek to Losekamp Lake at the base of Tibbs Butte.

From there we started climbing out of that drainage up to Hauser Lake. From Hauser we went to Rainbow Lake, crossed the Morrison Jeep Trail and back over to camp across from Little Bear Lake. It was about a 6 hour ride of sheer beauty.

On the third day, we rode over to Rainbow Lake and explored a new trail that took us to Top Lake through the woods.From Top Lake, we rode down into Little Sawtooth Lake at the base of Sawtooth Mountain where we had lunch.Then we rode back to camp along the Morrison Jeep Trail and the old sheep trail. To me there is no place closer to heaven than the top of the mountains. Happy Trails!