Enjoying Her New Home

07 April, 2013

KC and her owner bought a log home on a creek last summer. KC loves the creek, but had to get some boots for the work in the pasture. Wyoming Homes for Sale What a life!


Christmas in the Canyon

06 January, 2013

Every year, weather permitting, we take our 6 wheeler back into the Clarks Fork Canyon on Christmas day. The massive granite walls tower above majestically reaching towards the blue sky. Clark, Wyoming The Clarks Fork River moves through partially frozen veins of ice. undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Springtime Cattle Drive in Wyoming

14 May, 2012

Springtime is the time that many ranchers will move herds of cattle around to different pastures and on to BLM leases. A neighbor and friend of ours asked for some help this year. We have done this trail many times and it is always a gorgeous ride. This Saturday, we moved about 100 head approximately 8 miles. It was perfect weather for the ride. Everything went smoothly and all of us had a wonderful time and a wonderful ride.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Beartooth Highway Opens 2011

16 June, 2011

The Beartooth Highway is a stretch of highway that goes from Red Lodge to Cooke City, MT across the rugged Beartooth Mountains. Charles Kuralt called it the most scenic highway in North America. It is the highest highway in the Northern Rockies with the pass at 11,000 feet. Living at the base of the dramatic Beartooths, I look forward annually to the opening of the Beartooth Highway. Usually opening around Memorial weekend, this year it was delayed due to heavy snowpack. The 75th anniversary of the opening of the highway on June 14, 1936 was celebrated this past weekend. It follows a route taken by General Sheridan in 1872 when he was returning from an inspection tour of Yellowstone Park.


On our trip on Sunday, we saw people skiing, snow boarding and snow mobiling. Wyoming MountainsIf you look at the top, you will see 2 skiers ready to launch down the mountain.


Returning home to the base of the Beartooth Mountains in Clark, we came to green prairies and wildflowers blooming.



19 February, 2011

Many properties are advertised as bordering BLM and often we are asked what this stands. BLM is an agency in the Department of Interior. The landscape that BLM manages in Northwest Wyoming is charterized by native rangeland for the most part. Sometimes BLM will adjoin National Forest. Since it is public land, if a property adjoins BLM, as a land owner, you can horseback ride or hike from your property across the BLM. ATV’s can only be used on marked roads. Being situated next to BLM offers additional privacy.The Clark area, which is 30 miles north of Cody at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, is checker boarded with BLM with large expanses that are closer to and adjoining National Forest.


Wintertime in Wyoming

13 December, 2010

This weekend, my husband and I made our annual trip to the Line Creek Canyon in Clark, Wyoming at the base of the Beartooth Mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. This year we have had more snow that normal, so on our first attempt a week ago, we did not make it very far. The chinook winds had brought in warmer air, so some of the snow had melted. Normally, we criss cross back and forth across the creek, but with more snow this year we only made one crossing.I had another mission this year. I was to bring home the largest tree that I could get onto the 6 wheeler for the Carmelite Monastery. First, we cut our tree down and loaded it on top. Then I spotted the approximately 15 foot tree with pine cones and proceeded to climb up to it. We loaded it onto the 6 wheeler and started down the mountain.


It was another wonderful day in Wyoming!

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