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St. Patrick's Day and Spring Fling in Cody

Mar 152016

This winter was extremely mild this year and it appears we are going to be having an early spring. Horses are shedding and trees are budding. We hope that we do not have a hard frost, as that could happen, and damage the trees. In the meantime, we enjoyed mild temperature on Saturday for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and Spring Fling. The street by The Irma was closed for games forkids and adults alike. There were about 30 entries including the Bagpipers from Billings, Montana. After the parade, we enjoy dinner at The Irma hotel where the Bagpipers were playing.undefined


And the Winner is Wyoming!!

Mar 272015

AND THE WINNER IS WYOMING! as the best state to retire in. Though I am not surprised, it is always nice to receive that recognition. According to one of the reports, Wyoming was rated as have the lowest tax rate in the country. For more on this go to:


Ducklings in Cody Wyoming

Jun 042014

On my way to work this morning, I was turn from Highway 120 onto the 12th Street hill. I was so fortunate to catch something out of the corner of my. It was mother duck and her 6 ducklings. I had just barely missed them. I pulled over to the side as curious bypassers wonCody Wyomingder what I was doing. She continued along in the grass where I thought she would be safe.




Wyoming War Memorial

May 292014

The State War Memorial is located in Cody, Wyoming. There is a World War II Memorial, Korean War Memorial and Vietnam War Memorial. This Memorial Day there was a special ceremony to dedicated the World War I memorial, Powder River Let ‘er Buck, the battle cry of Wyoming troops. An insignia was designed of a bucking horse and was worn proudly on the uniforms of the Wyoming troops. There was a decal for all Wyoming vehicles. This bucking horse was the beginning of our State emblem that is now on our license plates. Govenor Matt Meade was on hand to help with the dedication.





A Little Town that Could

Apr 282013

Spring is slowly arriving here in Park County, Wyoming. The East Gate of Yellowstone Park is due to open May 3, 2013 on schedule. This was not the case one month ago when the Federal sequestration went into effect. This area depends on the economy that the Park generates for this area. Two weeks was vital to the economy here. The State offered equipment and man power to plow the East Gate, but could not pay for it. The Park service could not pay for it either because of the Federal sequester. So the Cody chamber started a campaign to raise $100,000 in two weeks to get the Park open on time on May 3. Donations came in from all over the County, some small and some larger, whatever could be afforded. The money was raised in a week. Plowing began on April 1. A “little town that could” showed that Federal, State and local communities can work together. Read more about this story at